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Maxime Old


Modern Art Furniture


now produced on demand by his son Olivier


Version française de cette page News from usWe intend to present here day to day news of Maxime Old Concept acitivities.


Maxime Old Concept, our company, is proposing present releases of Modern Art Furniture, Maxime Old artworks.

We will let you know good news as often as possible and sometimes bad ones … !
Share with you our ideas, our values, our projects, our developments, our favorites, our longings, …
Ask questions for which we wish you to give your point of view.
In some way to get you involved in our decisions, to be the first informed of our orientations, to share our highlights.
In short, a simple, informal, direct and without constraint exchange. Share subjects we are interested in, preoccupied by, passionate about, … as we hope you are!

Maxime Old Modern Art Furniture

Maxime Old Modern Art Furniture

I produce contemporary pieces of Maxime Old Modern Art Furniture.