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This Legal Provisions page intends to give you the main points to share the best relationship together.


“Maxime Old”, the name of the artiste is a deposited trademark.
Our logo, trademarked too, is a Maxime creation : his monogram. Maxime designed specific monogram for privileged customers.
“Paquebot France” is trademarked concidering artworks, funriture.
All these trademaks are given up for Maxime Old Concept.

Maxime Old Concept

Maxime Old used to create and sell his artworks via the company “Maxime Old Décorateur S.A.” (MODSA) he had founded. He was its major shareholder.
We have reused his model. We have founded Maxime Old Concept (MOC). This name points out :

  1. MOC Exclusive and Full Reference to Maxime Old;
  2. The transition between Maxime life and the present time.

MOC main aim is “The reputation of Maxime Old and his artworks”.
MOC is empowered by all the assets of MODSA, including full Maxime archives.

Maxime’s son and his unique right owner, I’m the founder, the major shareholder and the managing director of Maxime Old Concept.
I am the guarantee of the compliance with Maxime Old.


All Maxime Old’s works, and especially the ones presented on this site, are protected by the artistical porperty laws. Refer to Counterfeit for more information.
The pictures showing Maxime Old genuine artworks are tagged Copyright Maxime Old to help you identify them.

In compliance with the legal provisions relative to the protection of copyright, please refrain from using any of the information provided on this site for anything other than private use, without modification. If you wish to make any other use of this information, either wholly or partially, under any form whatsoever, we ask you to reach an agreement with us in advance on this issue.

Other pictures

We are happy to publish photos founded on various media sources because we believe they are consistent with our project.
We believe that this contributes to the source’s visibility. We list credits at the end of this page.
We ask the authors or owners of the sources we use to contact us as they wish.

Limit of Liability

We carefully verify the information we publish. Nevertheless, we can not be held responsible for any damage stemming from the simple use of this information without any specific prior agreement.

We suggest links to well-known websites. We have no control whatsoever over these sites and as a result we deny any responsibility as to their content at the time you consult them.

Enjoy your visit!

This site is created by Olivier Old with consultation from Julien Tauvel from Duck Bill and Platypus.
Underlying technology is WordPress with the Sight theme deaply modified.

Photo Credit

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