Version française de cet article Maxime Old Dressers-CabinetsHere are Maxime Old dressers-cabinets we are currently working on.


In Paris the Gallery AJS Anne Jacquemin Sablon Paris 34 rue Coquillère 75001 presents the pieces we have already produced.

As Maxime did in the 20th century, to satisfy each customer, we produce on order. We are able to study every specific projet and realize unique pieces.

This site can’t exhibit every possible variation of Maxime Old dressers-cabinets. We can realise each of his dressers-cabinets models he has already produced or only designed.

You have a project, you are looking for a specific dresser, cabinet, chest, … select its picture below for more information or just contact us here.

Maxime Old Dressers-Cabinets