Ruhlmann Maxime Old periods : Writting desk - Art Deco Furniture

Version française de cet article Two Maxime Old periodsTwo pieces, typical of two Maxime Old periods, are advertised in the list of the Artcurial November 24th 2015 auction sale.


First this writing desk produced in 1942, yet quite under J. E. Ruhlmann’s influence.
Maxime Old periods : E.J. Ruhlmann Writting desk 1608 - Art Deco Furniture

Ten years after leaving Ruhlmann’s staff Maxime style has already much changed. Why then, is it so similar to this other desk signed Ruhlmann?

On one hand because this Art Deco desk is made in order to be set in the wholly Ruhlmann apartment of a customer who is now Maxime first faithful client. On the other hand this customer has in mind the Ruhlmann desk very likely designed by Maxime while working for him.

It is therefore a transitory work as much Ruhlmannn as Maxime Old. It stands for the specific history of these two creators.
Ruhlmann Maxime Old periods : Coffee Table - Modern Art Furniture


This “Bibus” is a totem-book case that can be used as a coffee table. Dated 1947, only five years after the writing desk……. A whole world between the two Maxime Old periods, styles, inspirations …!

Of course there is still the total quality requirement in design as well as in production, typical of Maxime following Ruhlmann’s example, but witout any other influence. Here Maxime is thoroughly using his limitless creativity for convertible pieces, extreme purity of lines. Closed it looks like a small modern totem dedicated to reading. Open it is an intimate coffee table with an inlaid cigarette case in the centre, with a secret under that case. The lucky purchaser will be the only one able to look at it affectionately or to touch the subtle curve ending the polished oak sides, not perfectly shown by our pictures. But goind through this gallery is a good idea !

In 1947 Maxime has only fulfilled a quarter of his sixty years long career, meaning much evolutions are still future. He is much more Modern Style than Art Deco!

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