Paris Biennale 2016 : Maxime Old Saturn Ring Table - Modern Art Furniture

Version française de cet article Paris Biennale 2016The Yves Gastou gallery exhibited Maxime Old artworks at the Paris Biennale 2016.


The Biennale des Antiquaires took place from saturday september the 10th to sunday the 18th under the exceptionnal vaults of the Grand Palais, Paris, France.
The Paris Biennale 2016 is a major worldwide event. The place is just great, the organisation perfect and the stands are from the best galleries presenting their utmost pieces.

Concerning Modern Art Furniture, the galleries were fewer at the Paris Biennale 2016 than the preceeding occurences but the very best. Let us mention by alphabetical order : Chastel-Marechal, DownTown, Jacques Lacoste and Yves Gastou.

The Yves Gastou gallery choosed to present three major pieces of Maxime Old modern art furniture side by side with other famous artists artworks.

The Saturn Ring Low Table was created in 1961 for the VIP lounge of the Marseille Airport, France. It has been taken back and saved in Maxime Old family private collection until the biennale.
We suggest to focus to the minimalist circle design of the top and the sofisticated one of the legs.
Let us compare with the Saturn Ring Low Table designed by Maxime Old presented at the PAD 2013 and with his Compass Card Table.


Paris Biennale 2016 : Maxime Old personnal Armchairs - Modern Art FurnitureParis Biennale 2016 : Maxime Old Wife Desk - Modern Art FurnitureThis low table is associated with the two Maxime armchairs presented here. They always remained in the Maxime Old family private collection. Simple, confortable, smart it is dated 1950 and foreshadows the cruiseliner France style in the early 60th.
On the stand, this pair of armchair and this table are exhibited side by side with artworks from Raymond Subes, César & Farhi, Alain Jacquet, Philippe Hiquily, Gilbert Poillerat, Jeanclos, Dominique Zimbacca, Jean Lurçat, Alain Jacquet, Pierre Lardin, Jean Touret.
And last but not least, this unique desk and its seat. Designed and presented at the SAD (Salon des Artistes décorateurs) 1952 in this Grand Palais, almost at the same place! It became then the private desk of Mme. Isabelle Old, Maxime’s wife and has been given to Olivier his son for a special success in 1976.
On the stand, this desk and his seat are exhibited surrounded by artworks from Jean Touret, Jeanclos, André Arbus.

Thank you to Yves Gastou gallery for allowing us to use pictures of their stand. Enjoy them from the following gallery!

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