Paquebot France Onyx Table, Dining room size. Maxime Old - Modern Art Furniture Designer

Version française de cet article Paquebot France Onyx TableThe origin of the Paquebot France Onyx Table is quite old.


Paquebot France Onyx Table, Bridge size. Maxime Old - Modern Art Furniture DesignerIn the thirties Maxime had already noticed that the famous Chinese lacquer tables were not keeping their promise of a surface perfect for the eyes and for the touch. As a matter of fact they were so fragile that they were inevitably protected by a felt and a tablecloth hiding them. When by chance that felt was removed the lacquer showed graining because the wood, living material, has warped because of temperature and humidity variations.

When the first stratified materials appear in the end of the fifties Maxime detects their potential and their limits. He studies them and orders a special one, from his own specifications. Owing to his specific use of the resulting material he reaches the Chinese lacquer perfection added to the durability and the possibility of being polished again if light scratches are done.

The especially refined style of the Paquebot France Bridge Table fully shows the possibilities of that innovation. The steel base gets into the top and surrounds it.

First Maxime Old presents the Bridge size, the one use for the cruiseliner, and one year after he exhibits the Dining Room Table version at the salon des Artistes Décorateurs. Fond of it he even uses it in his own dining room, still intact.

Contemporary productions of the Paquebot France Onyx Table, both Bridge and Dining Room versions use the stratified material and the design invented by Maxime.
Today nanotechnologies even add to his specifications a self repairing property of the material that erases the micro scratches by itself.

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