Paquebot France Iceberg Table Maxime Old, Modern Art Furniture Designer

Version française de cet article Paquebot France Iceberg TableThe Paquebot France Iceberg Table is exhibited for the fist time at the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs in 1961.


Paquebot France Iceberg Table Maxime Old, Modern Art Furniture DesignerWhen Maxime presents the sitting room prefiguring the Paquebot France style, his « Light » armchair is associated with a set of three new coffee tables. Only made of glass their “zigzag” base is inspired by the the first Wave table’s one. He plans to set that type of coffee table onboard the liner. His concept is considered too new, too audacious to be used on a liner. For the liner Maxime will use again his glass top with a more classical aluminium base.
Derisively Maxime will name this model “Iceberg Table”, a double meaning easily understood.
The three former examples, shown juxtaposed, lived serenely among the children and the parties of three families, a proof of the unsuspected balance of that model with “zigzag” base, designed as well to be adapted as a dining table, a console…
Prolific designer Maxime never found enough time to produce these later models.

The “Paquebot France” collection (TM) offers the complete Paquebot France Iceberg Table set imagined by Maxime.

The Paquebot France Iceberg Table presented in gallery is visible here!

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