Rouen Town Hall Council Room, Paquebot France Council Chair. Maxime Old - Modern Art Furniture Designer

Version française de cet article Paquebot France Council ChairThe Paquebot France Council Chair is designed in 1961.


Paquebot France Council Chair Design. Maxime Old - Modern Art Furniture DesignerThe sixties are especially profitable for Maxime Old, on the level of realised projects as on the inspiration level.

The City Council Room of Rouen (on the right) and the commission rooms are dealt with as a project parallel to the ocean-liner France. Restraints are different, in Rouen wood is welcome.

Maxime Old creates seats that must be absolutely included in the “Paquebot France” collection because they show the same inspiration.

Especially the Paquebot France Council Chair designed to be comfortable during the long sessions of the council members. The refined drawing of the structure allows the seat and the back to be simply attached, surrounded by vacuum as Maxime likes it.

This very pleasant chair is also presented by Maxime as a seat for office and dining room in various wood essences: Oak, Mahogany…

We remember a steel variation of this model, even closest to the Paquebot France style, but we didn’t find the drawing yet.

An armchair called President Armchair was derived from it for the Rouen Mayor, Jean Lecanuet, who was the Head of the Haute Normandie Province. Other presidents, Maxime’s customers, used that Armchair .

Our present releases of the Paquebot France Council Chair is presented here.

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