Version française de cet article Maxime Old Unpublished CollectionThe “Maxime Old Unpublished Collection” is used for creations he sketched but never made and were never shown until now.


These new creations, 100% original, must not be mistaken with the variations of pieces made by Maxime.

We present here the pieces prepared for that collection. All are not yet made, the pictures shown are graphics giving the best possible advanced perception of the quality of the result. We produce on order.

Maxime portfolios are full of sketches. If the style of Maxime Old’s creations appeals to you and you have a specific project please contact us. It would be amazing that we might not offer a specific variation adapted to your request. Who knows, may be a unique one!

If you want more information contact us here.

Maxime Old Unpublished Collection: Council table colored sketch

Maxime Old Unpublished Collection: Patio colored sketch