Maxime Old according young researcher

Version française de cet article Maxime Old according young researcherMaxime Old according young researcher is offering the Master thesis of Lorraine Tissier-Rebour, 2014.


Our Bibliography heading is already offering many publications dealing with Maxime Old and his artwork.
We could add a lot more as he was followed closely by specialized magazines during his whole career. It would be tedious to refer to these documents for someone not specialized.
Lorraine made a bibliographic research as exhaustive as possible therefore her thesis can be considered as synthetic material of the abundance of documents relating to Maxime Old.

Furthermore she got a very high grade as she developed a quite original analysis.
Do we fully agree with her on every single points? Fortunately not! “Cultural treasures are born from the clash of opinions” used to say Maxime Old.
Therefore Lorraine was totally free to analyse and to express herself.

We simply mention that Maxime would not have recognised himself in the examples she gives in chapter “3.3.a The new cabinet makers heirs of Maxime Old”, page 122 and followings. Why? Because he thought he was a creator, a designer and not a cabinet maker. He would have said that as a human being he could possibly be wrong and that future generations would judge. Lorraine’s view is contributing.

You can appreciate while leafing through her thesis … in French! Just click on the picture or here.

The Maxime Old according young researcher thesis should be downloaded only on request here.