2013 PAD : Maxime Old Marhaba lounge - Modern Art Furniture

Version française de cet article 2013 PADIn the Pavillon des Art et du Design (PAD) 2013, Tuilerie Park, Paris, two famous galleries exhibit Maxime Old Modern Art Furniture.


2013 PAD : Maxime Old Rings of Saturn Table - Modern Art FurnitureThe ArtefactDesign Gallery managed by Alexandre Guillemin, presents the rare large round low table designed by Maxime Old in the late 60th for the Jean Lecanuet Office as President of the Normandie Region (France) in Rouen. This table is very representative of Maxime modern style at this moment. Minimaliste but elegant and never weak nor poor as you can see in the pictures following gallery. This table is named “Anneaux de Saturne” (Rings of Saturn). This named is shared with other Maxime Old tables with the same pure circle design.

The Chastel Maréchal Gallery managed by Aline Chastel, presents a complete Marhaba Living Room. The Marhaba Hotel in Casablanca has been decorated by Maxime Old in the 50s. You can analyse the evolution in his style between the 50th and the 60th. The pictures have been taken at the Chastel-Maréchal gallerie, rue Bonaparte Paris, just before the PAD.

Enjoy the following pictures gallery!

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